Room 8 2018 students

Room 8 2018 students
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Monday, 12 November 2018

Pirate Pete


Pirate Pete has scruffy hair that looks like spaghetti. His face is rough like the seas he has faced and  it is scaly. Pirate Pete is a very nice happy pirate that loves to give away treasure to people that need it but of course he steals the treasure to give to other people. His parrot is called Pancake, and loves to copy people and noises.  Pete has a shark tooth that he brought back from battling a big grey shark. On other parts of him he wears a leather belt and big baggy pants that keep him warm. His crew is a bit of an od collection, for example the cook makes cake with mushroom, and pizza with banana. The pirate loves to play his squeeze box-even though he’s is terrible at playing it. Pirate Pete wields a very sharp sword that is so sharp it can cut 100,000 fish before it breaks. Pete’s favourite animal is the octopus, he likes it because he thinks that it would be useful to have 8 arms. He also thinks it’s cute. His favorite food is fish. He is saving up for a giant ship(he might steal one!)The pirate’s favourite thing to do is to go on an island a dig treasure.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Character Description - Pirate Pete by Ux


Pirate Pete is brave and lives in his ship, he eats fish and steals treasure of other pirates.
He has a trusty macaw that can talk and squawk. He has a sword under his scabbard.He 
can look far with his telescope and see if there are pirates coming to steal his treasure.He
is very successful playing his squeeze box and sometimes the crew would sing.He wears
a bandana to cover his long soft curly hair. The skull crew respects him a lot, but if someone
did they would walk the plank.Pirate Pete is very strong he once tackled a Megalodon and 
took the huge shark tooth and made it into a necklace. The crew thought that pirate Pete
was the strongest pirate of all but pirate Skull tackled a dragon, pirate Skull was on top
of pirate Petes list.Pirate Pete is really jealous, he once wanted to steal his treasure but
he got away.Pirate Skull is very rich he has 590 gold 661 diamond and 199 silver and 
pirate Pete has 491 gold 501 diamond and 90 silver.Pirate Pete was the second richest,
all he wanted was pirate Skull treasure he would do it if it was the last thing he would do.
If he saw pirate Skulls ship he would fire cannon balls to damage his ship and pirate Skull
would shoot back. Pirate Pete is pirate Skulls brother he feels sad that there fighting and
wishes it would stop.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Senses Poem Mountain Top

Senses Poem

Mountain Top

Mountain flowers look like dabs of colourful paints
decorating the mountain
The wind sounds like a lonely wolf howling for friends
The cold nips at my ears like it has sharp teeth
The mountain air surrounds me like mist
The taste of adventure makes me go on like fuel

By India Watts.

Pirate Pete

PIRATE PETE Pirate Pete has scruffy hair that looks like spaghetti. His face is rough like the seas he has faced and  it is scaly. Pirate ...